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Using Learning as a Competitive Advantage


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M-Pact Learning - Book by Jim Guilkey

M-Pact Learning: The New Competitive Advantage

What All Executives Need to Know

Can you imagine getting on a plane with an untrained pilot at the controls and wondering if he or she will safely transport you to your destination? Of course not.

When is the last time you took a hard look at who is doing your training, or how it’s being done? The success of your business rides on the use of innovative, engaging learning, and people who know how to teach effectively. Arm your team with skills and knowledge so they can confidently and effectively get results for your business.

Jim Guilkey’s latest book will walk you through how and why you should adapt your training style to be problem-based and learner-centric. You will also discover how to use learning as a competitive advantage and read about some of the most notable success stories using these methods. Learning can be the difference between a smooth flight or a crash landing for your business. What’s your fate?

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“The goal of this book is to help executives understand that traditional training will never provide a competitive advantage. But when M-Pact Learning is applied your training will become as impactful as your sales and marketing programs.”

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