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Assessment Isn’t About Memorization

In business, we all recognize that if you can’t measure something, you can’t improve it. It’s an important but simple principle. It’s like if you’re trying to lose weight but never step on a scale, how do you know if you are succeeding? A similar belief has always dominated education. When teaching, we really do […]

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What is the Proper Learning Blend?

It’s impossible in the midst of COVID-19’s worsening grip to discuss education and not hear the phrase “blended learning”. In K-12 and higher education, blended learning typically refers to a mix of in-person and remote learning approaches. Blended learning has always been an important part of the M-Pact Learning approach we take to corporate learning. […]

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The M-Pact Learning Difference

If you follow this blog regularly, you have read about how M-Pact Learning outperforms traditional training. Along the way, you have learned a good deal about why it can create a competitive advantage. If you are new to the blog, today’s edition offers a good introduction to M-Pact Learning. I’ll be sharing why works and […]

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Collaboration: A Strategy for Effective Learning

I have no doubt that if you were to give me a tour of your company’s offices, we would encounter countless examples of team members engaged in collaborative pursuits. And we would both fully recognize the many benefits that emerge from such collaboration: spread workload, greater innovation, built-in quality control and accountability, flexibility, and, of […]

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Why Traditional Training Doesn’t Work

When I was assistant director of flight education at Ohio State, I remember an FAA training manual with an image that depicted a student’s head being cracked open and the instructor pouring knowledge into the learner’s brain. Unfortunately, many corporate training organizations still believe that effective learning is as simple as filling the learner’s head […]

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Gamification: It’s Not about the Game

If you’re like most people, things that you know you need to do—like going to the gym—can be hard, and the work-outs themselves can feel endless. But find yourself in a pick-up basketball game on the driveway court with your kids, or in a fast-paced doubles game and you probably don’t view it as working […]

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Performance Support: The Key to Building Expertise

Learning doesn’t stop at the classroom door. Even if you have the best instructional design imaginable and even if you see all your employee’s learning metrics skyrocket, if you want them to become experts, you have to support them after the course ends. What S4 NetQuest supplies after the course is what we call performance […]

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