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Gamification: It’s Not about the Game

If you’re like most people, things that you know you need to do—like going to the gym—can be hard, and the work-outs themselves can feel endless. But find yourself in a pick-up basketball game on the driveway court with your kids, or in a fast-paced doubles game and you probably don’t view it as working […]

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Performance Support: The Key to Building Expertise

Learning doesn’t stop at the classroom door. Even if you have the best instructional design imaginable and even if you see all your employee’s learning metrics skyrocket, if you want them to become experts, you have to support them after the course ends. What S4 NetQuest supplies after the course is what we call performance […]

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The Importance of Continuous Learning

Every once in a while, the universe conspires to give business leaders reminders that they need employees who are fast on their feet when encountering new challenges and new problems. We’ve all had plenty of those reminders during the Coronavirus pandemic. Along the way, we’ve all been tasked with learning myriad new communication platforms, new […]

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Mind the Gap: Learning vs Training

When the doors open on a London Underground train, a computerized voice reminds you to “Mind the gap.” This polite British reminder is actually telling you, “Watch out! Danger!” as you cross the gap between train and platform. There’s a less obvious but important danger in the gap between how we use the words “training” […]

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Virtual Learning – How to Transform Your Training for Maximum Effectiveness

In a previous article, I discussed how the coronavirus crisis is forcing organizations to rethink their approaches to training. In particular, moving to a virtual learning model. But you can’t simply convert existing classrooms into virtual instructor-led training (vILT). Instead, organizations need to transform their programs. Transformation means not only duplicating but improving the learning […]

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Transformation vs. Conversion of Virtual Learning

If there is one thing the coronavirus has taught us all, it is that training, as we know it, is neither resilient nor flexible. Classroom training that requires facilitators and participants to fly to various locations and pack shoulder-to-shoulder in a classroom is no longer an option. But as organizations consider replacing their current programs […]

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