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The Interactive Classroom: It’s Not Lecturing

Much of today’s traditional classroom training is focused on boring lectures and PowerPoint presentations containing as much text as the slide will permit. “Mastery” of materials is tested by multiple-choice questions that only support the ability to memorize. Think about the likely results of such training this way: Can you imagine getting on an airliner […]

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eLearning: Old Wine in New Skins

I once gave a speech I titled “Old Wine in New Skins.” The concept: If you were a winemaker with a batch of bad-tasting wine and you were trying to change consumers’ impressions, introducing a new label or fancy bottle wouldn’t change the taste. Learning is no different. Yet most training is like bad wine. […]

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Don’t Forget How People Learn

Much of the traditional training we see in corporations is neither engaging nor effective. Why? Because in most cases, the individuals designing the training know little, if any about how people learn and retain knowledge. So, they add games, audio and other various media in hopes that these will overcome the lack of instructional design […]

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Traditional Training: Why Your Training Doesn’t Provide Measurable Business Results

Traditional training is still the norm in most corporations across industries. It is generally ineffective and is completely panned by millennials. It’s based on outdated methods and results in low levels of learning such as rote memorization. The Friendly Skies. I remember studying for my flight instructor rating at Ohio State and there was a […]

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