Traditional Training: Why Your Training Doesn’t Provide Measurable Business Results

Traditional training is still the norm in most corporations across industries. It is generally ineffective and is completely panned by millennials. It’s based on outdated methods and results in low levels of learning such as rote memorization.

The Friendly Skies. I remember studying for my flight instructor rating at Ohio State and there was a picture in the FAA publication that depicted “pouring” knowledge into the student’s head. Pilots, like most individuals, can’t simply absorb information from a lecture, eLearning module, etc. Many corporate training programs still believe that effective learning is the simple act of filling the learner’s head with knowledge. I call this approach the osmosis fallacy, a belief that people can simply absorb the knowledge needed for their jobs because we provide the required information. Effective learning, especially for millennials, requires an in-depth knowledge of psychology, the associated laws of learning, and superior instructional design methods to result in the highest levels of learning.

Subject Matter Experts. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, SMEs normally do not have the required knowledge related to innovative, highly effective instructional design methodologies. Their traditional approaches result in very low levels of learning.

So What? If you are still using traditional training methods, you are losing a competitive advantage. And each day that goes by means you’re further behind the competition. Traditional training and the associated memorization of information does not provide your employees with the skills and knowledge needed to truly differentiate you from the competition.

Example: As president of S4 NetQuest, the global leader in innovative, highly effective learning solutions, we have developed M-Pact Learning. M-Pact Learning incorporates problem-based learning, collaboration, multidisciplinary learning, etc. resulting in measurable business results for our clients. In a training transformation project with a global cardiovascular device company, S4 NetQuest used M-Pact Learning to train twice as many associates in half the time when compared to their existing training program. This allowed our client to greatly enhance market penetration – a true competitive advantage.

More Information. If you’re interested in discovering more about M-Pact Learning, I provide detailed methods and real-life examples in my new book: M-Pact Learning. The New Competitive Advantage.